Miami Criminal Lawyer – Former Prosecutor

The Law Offices of Marc Chattah is an experienced and successful criminal defense firm that protects the rights of its clients in state and federal courts throughout Florida. Its founder, Marc Chattah, started his legal career as a prosecutor for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, where he prosecuted major crimes such as Murder, Armed Robbery, Rape, Drug Trafficking, Cocaine charges, economic crimes, and DUIs. Mr. Chattah’s mission is to apply his substantial trial experience and knowledge of the inner workings of the criminal justice system to obtain the best results for his clients. His offices are located to serve the entire Miami metro area.

Don’t Delay When You’ve Been Arrested in Florida

When you’ve been arrested in Florida, the police officer will give you a copy of a document known as an arrest affidavit. The arrest affidavit lays out the state’s version of the facts that led to your arrest. It’s a very important document because it provides the police officer’s version of what you’ve allegedly done. The police hand over a copy of the arrest affidavit to the prosecutor. The story outlined in the arrest affidavit then usually becomes the story that the prosecutor will go with, if they bring formal charges against you. If you’re in custody, the prosecutor will conduct an independent investigation within 21 days of receiving the affidavit. If you’re not in custody, this investigation will usually take place within 30 days. In essence, the prosecutor will look to confirm whether the statement of facts given by the police is reliable. They will call witnesses, if there are drugs involved, conducts tests, and take whatever other steps they deem necessary to corroborate the police account of the crime. For example, if you were caught with a large amount of a white powder, that the police allege is cocaine, the prosecutor will run lab tests to confirm that the white powder is indeed cocaine. The 21 days after your arrest are very important. It is during this investigation, that the prosecutor will decide whether to charge you with a more serious crime, a lesser offense, or possibly drop charges altogether. You have the option, during the 21 days after your arrest, to present the prosecutor with evidence that can contribute to his investigation, and possibly lead to less serious charges. It is with the help of a defense attorney that most Floridians will take advantage of this opportunity.

Criminal Defense Scholarship

We are pleased to announce the first Annual Chattah Criminal Defense Scholarship. Law school is tough enough without worrying about your bills. We’re proud to offer a $1000 scholarship to one 2L or 3L from Florida who intends to pursue a career in criminal defense. Applicants must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA as reflected by an academic transcript. We ask that you submit your resume, academic  transcript and a 1000-word essay about why criminal defense is important in general and to you personally to Marc [at] To be considered for the scholarship, all submissions should be sent before December 20th. The winner will be announced on January 20th.